Head Injuries In Youth Football Leagues

In professional football, head injuries have been getting increased attention as of late. However, it is not only professional football players that are vulnerable to these injuries. Brain injuries are also a major issue for young football players.

Scientists are discovering that young athletes could face serious health risks from head injuries suffered while playing football. With these discoveries, people have become increasingly concerned about the consequences of head injuries in youth football.

These concerns were underlined by a tragic case in Kansas City, which occurred in October. A high school football player suffered a head injury during a game. He had experienced a similar injury earlier that month. He collapsed after the injury, and died the next day.

In reaction to this tragedy, the a lawyer of distinction stated, in an article for Fanhouse, that it may be time for youth sports leagues to take stricter stances on head injuries. Some suggestions he gave included increasing the amount of time a student athlete is required to sit out after suffering a head injury.

The solutions suggested by the article demonstrate how serious of an issue head injuries have become in youth sports. We all want young athletes to be as safe as possible. Kids should not have to face life changing consequences because of their participation in sports. Thus, as the awareness of the consequences of head injuries has increased, a natural question has arisen: are youth sports leagues doing everything they can to prevent these injuries?

Consequently, one hopes that all youth football leagues are carefully considering the issue of youth head injuries, and taking whatever measures are necessary to keep kids safe. For the help in such unfortunate situation Frekhtman & Associates NYC injury lawyers is here to help.

Bankruptcy & Restructuring Overview

Bankruptcy and Restructuring Practice is a microcosm of the firm, drawing from all areas of the firm’s practice. The group currently includes a core of lawyers who spend all or a significant portion of their time on bankruptcy, workout, and insolvency matters. A number of litigators and lawyers in other practice groups work closely with our bankruptcy attorneys on a regular basis. The scope of the practice is national and members of the practice are drawn from various  offices.

In addition, our New Jersey business tax lawyers frequently draw on the expertise of our other practices, for assistance on the real estate, corporate, securities, health care, tax, labor, environmental and ERISA issues that increasingly arise in troubled situations.

Our major areas of practice involve representing:

  • Chapter 11 Debtors/Debtors-in-Possession
  • Official and Ad Hoc Unsecured Creditor and Equity Committees
  • Insurance Companies
  • Indenture Trustees
  • Asset Acquirers
  • Secured Creditors

Sample representations are listed later in this resume.

We also have significant experience representing landlords, officers and directors of debtors, trustees, assignees for the benefit of creditors, and sophisticated workout consultants/crisis managers.

The diversity of our experience has enriched our lawyers’ understanding of insolvency and workout matters, from all perspectives, and enhanced our ability to represent any type of party in these matters.

Capabilities & Experience

Sonnenschein has handled workout, reorganization and bankruptcy matters throughout the United States for a wide variety of clients. Much of our experience in these areas cannot be neatly categorized as either “workout” or “bankruptcy” related. Indeed, one of the hallmarks of our practice has been an acute awareness of the overlap between these two disciplines — and the importance of offering experience and expertise in both workouts and bankruptcies in order to provide maximum flexibility and achieve the most effective results.

A brief overview of our experience in each of these areas follows.


We have broad range of experience representing participants in out-of-court debt restructuring matters. This work includes:

  • review of loan documentation and lenders’ collateral positions for existing and potential defects, including enforcement problems;
  • evaluation of restructuring proposals and development of alternatives;
  • analysis of creditors’ positions and likely resort to bankruptcy, and assessment of lenders’ options in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • preparation of the legal documentation to implement out-of-court workout solutions and/or to support position in the event of a court proceeding;
  • appropriate litigation (including representation in bankruptcy court or enforcement proceedings) if a satisfactory out-of-court solution cannot be reached; and

Police arrest Wilmington man for crashing into cruiser

Intoxicated drivers endanger residents in Wilmington and the rest of the state. Several wrongful deaths are caused every year in  due to the decision of some motorists to drive while impaired. A drunk driver is more likely to cause a serious car accident because alcohol impacts the motorist’s ability to properly control a vehicle. Alcohol use also makes it more likely that a motorist will disobey traffic signals and drive in an erratic manner that endangers  pedestrians.

One 30-year-old drunk driver from Wilmington was recently arrested. A state trooper arrested the man after the man rammed into his parked, fully marked  State Police squad car. The Wilmington man was spotted driving in an erratic fashion around bar close time on Shipley Road near the intersection of Windley Road.

Drunk drivers injure many  law enforcement authorities every year. Police officers and state troopers are more likely to face personal injuries from drunk drivers because officers often work around bar close time and are exposed to traffic when they pull cars to the side of the road.

Fortunately the Wilmington man hit an empty squad car. The officer was out of his car investigating an earlier accident. The officer rushed to the man’s vehicle and saw that he was attempting to reverse his car and flee the scene. The officer yanked the drunk driver from the vehicle to prevent him from leaving and held the man until emergency crews arrived at the scene.

The drunk driver was treated at Christiana Hospital for injuries and then ticketed for drunk driving, failure to remain in a lane of travel and driving with an expired registration and lack of insurance. The officer was not injured. Contact the best car accident lawyers Boca Raton, FL for best support.