Man fights hospital to keep insurance settlement

A Georgia-based hospital is attempting to take a portion of the money a Fort Gordon soldier received from a car accident settlement.
MCG Health Inc. is seeking $18,000, or one-third of the $50,000 the soldier received from the other driver’s insurance company as a result of the crash.
The soldier is fighting the case in the Georgia Supreme Court.
The hospital claims it wants the money to pay the man’s bill. The hospital could submit the claim to TRICARE, which is the military’s insurance program, and still receive its refund, while allowing the soldier to still keep the $50,000 he received from Owners Insurance Co.
However, according to sources, if MCG Health goes through the option of the military insurance program, it will only receive 40 percent of the soldier’s bill.
So far, the hospital has already lost its case at both the Richmond County and Georgia Court of Appeals, but it is now at the Supreme Court level and adamant about getting its money through the soldier.
Sources claim that if the money is taken from the soldier, he won’t really be losing it, as his own car insurance should reimburse him through its “underinsured-motorist provision.”
As of now no decision has been made, and according to sources, no hints have been made in which favor the justices may decide.
In this case, the decision comes down to whom should be paying the hospital, not who should be paying the victim of the motor vehicle accident. Car crashes, which happen all the time, can be very tricky, especially when it comes to settlements. If an insurance company wants to make a deal after an accident, it’s advisable to speak with Houston car accident attorneys first.