Head Injuries In Youth Football Leagues

In professional football, head injuries have been getting increased attention as of late. However, it is not only professional football players that are vulnerable to these injuries. Brain injuries are also a major issue for young football players.

Scientists are discovering that young athletes could face serious health risks from head injuries suffered while playing football. With these discoveries, people have become increasingly concerned about the consequences of head injuries in youth football.

These concerns were underlined by a tragic case in Kansas City, which occurred in October. A high school football player suffered a head injury during a game. He had experienced a similar injury earlier that month. He collapsed after the injury, and died the next day.

In reaction to this tragedy, the a lawyer of distinction stated, in an article for Fanhouse, that it may be time for youth sports leagues to take stricter stances on head injuries. Some suggestions he gave included increasing the amount of time a student athlete is required to sit out after suffering a head injury.

The solutions suggested by the article demonstrate how serious of an issue head injuries have become in youth sports. We all want young athletes to be as safe as possible. Kids should not have to face life changing consequences because of their participation in sports. Thus, as the awareness of the consequences of head injuries has increased, a natural question has arisen: are youth sports leagues doing everything they can to prevent these injuries?

Consequently, one hopes that all youth football leagues are carefully considering the issue of youth head injuries, and taking whatever measures are necessary to keep kids safe. For the help in such unfortunate situation Frekhtman & Associates NYC injury lawyers is here to help.

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