New Jersey Woman Killed In Truck Accident

More often than not, truck accidents result in serious injuries or even death for the driver and passengers of the smaller vehicle. Because 18-wheelers are such monstrous vehicles, the impact of a crash can be severe. In a recent incident, a New Jersey woman was killed when her car collided with an oncoming truck.

The fatal truck accident occurred early this morning. A 20-year-old driver and a passenger were traveling south before 5:00 a.m. when she attempted to make a left turn onto another road. As she pulled across the westbound lane of the road, the oncoming truck crashed into her vehicle. marsalisi law knows the ins and outs of these issues.

Following the collision, the woman was trapped in her vehicle, and it took emergency responders 20 minutes to free her. She was pronounced dead this morning at a nearby hospital. According to investigators, the passenger in her vehicle suffered serious injuries. He was reportedly transported to a local medical center for treatment. The 30-year-old truck driver was not harmed in the crash.

Parts of the road were closed for close to four hours following the crash. Authorities reopened the road shortly after 8:30 a.m. It seems that no charges will be filed against the truck driver.

This tragic accident illustrates the serious consequences of a truck accident. This woman was killed just weeks after celebrating her 20th birthday. Accidents like this one often affect more than just the victims, however. This woman’s family and friends may feel devastated by her death. To prevent similar accidents, it is important that all drivers keep their eyes on the road and avoid distractions inside their vehicles.

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