Parents awarded $58M in birth injury malpractice case

women and children always face some risks during childbirth. Although medical advances have lowered ‘s high mortality rates during pregnancy and birth, obstetrics negligence continues to cause¬†birth injuries¬†that impact many women and children in our state. Obstetrics negligence can severely injure a child and result in serious birth injuries such as Erb’s palsy, head trauma and cerebral palsy, among other things.

The parents of one 8-year-old boy say that his cerebral palsy was caused by obstetrics negligence. The parents say their son cannot speak, eat, or walk and that he requires constant care because of the negligence of an obstetrician. A jury agreed and recently awarded the family $58 million in a landmark medical malpractice case, handled by a lawyer of distinction.

“The dollar amount means he will be taken care of, that’s what this means to us,” the boy’s mother said.

The parents say that the obstetrician ignored complications and failed to deliver the boy early. When a C-section was finally performed a surgical error cut the oxygen to the boy’s brain which caused a severe disability that will forever impact his life.

“He got his life taken away from him, and the only form of justice is this,” the father said.

The doctors strongly contest the jury’s decision sand say that the mother was properly cared for. Attorneys for the doctors say that the boy’s disability was caused by an undetected infection in the womb and not malpractice. The parents will probably not see any of the substantial funds awarded by the jury for a long time because the doctors are planning to appeal the verdict.

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