Retention and Fees

At the direction of our client, a Louisiana criminal lawyer Accident Cause Analysis will arrange for one of the following two retention methods:
1. We can work from a retainer amount and once that amount is depleted, work is stopped until a new retainer amount with further instructions is received. This practice assists our clients in keeping informed of case progress and the account; or
2. We can enter into a formal contract, either open-ended or for a maximum number of hours, with payment of our invoices in full within 30 days of receipt of same.
We are happy to set up either method at our client’s request.

The Accident Cause Analysis fee structure is based upon differentiation of the levels of service provided to the client. The rates are as follows:
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Professional Consultant Services
Professional Support Services
Technical & Laboratory Support Services
Administrative Services $180.00 U.S. per hour
$135.00 U.S. per hour
$100.00 U.S. per hour
$ 50.00 U.S. per hour
Charges are levied according to the above for actual hours worked. Incurred expenses and disbursements are recovered at cost. A detailed invoice is forwarded to the client for each month in which significant work has been performed, including the hours worked and the related disbursements. Statements of account are issued indicating the outstanding balance of each account.

All Charges to clients located in Canada will be subject to the Goods and Services Tax.

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