Subjects Covered in the Safety Programs

  • Company Impact – How a properly implemented safety training program can impact the company’s workers comp, morale, and bottom line.
  • Statistics – Actual statistics on forklift operation and accidents in the U.S workplace.
  • The “L-Word” – Liability – How it relates to the company.
  • OSHA Regulations – The complete set of regulations as they relate to forklift safety, what they mean and how they can affect the operators, the instructors and the company.
  • Employee Involvement – How to get workers to be proactive about training programs and maintaining a safe work environment.
  • Management Involvement – How to get management involved in the enforcement and reinforcement of safety training, and management’s crucial role in the success of any training program.
  • Company Customization – How to adjust training to match company policies and how to resolve discrepancies between company policies and instructor course content or OSHA regulations.
  • Choosing the Right Presentation – how to select the format of and materials for your class based on the participants and environment.
  • Class Preparation – Room setup, materials preparation and equipment setup for successful training.
  • Instructing Style – How to develop a personal training style, and techniques that lead to a more effective presentation.
  • The Training Program – A complete run-through of the actual operator training program as it is written.
  • Documentation – Recording results and creating a thorough record of safety training.
  • Forms – All documents and forms to be used by the trainer and operators during training and in the workplace.
  • Accidents and Incidents – How to investigate and report incidents and who should be involved.
  • News Articles – Library of relevant news items that can be used in presenting safety training classes.
  • Reference Materials – Complete listing of contact information, phone numbers, websites, and addresses of various information sources, safety organizations and government agencies.

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